Course Description


The Flatstone Psychotherapy Training Course is experiential and practical.  We aim to provide a supportive yet challenging learning environment in which the trainees are encouraged to reflect in depth on their lives and grow in self awareness.  Through group experience and a residential setting, opportunities are provided to develop a greater understanding of the complexity of human relationships.


Our theoretical base is Humanistic and Integrative and we explore the contributions of the main theorists in seminars and lectures and interactive presentations.


We aim to create an imaginative and dynamic learning experience using a variety of methods including artistic expression, music, drama and ritual.


The professional demands of a career as a psychotherapist are many, and we aim to prepare students to encounter such demands by focusing on skill development, ethical considerations, client issues and above all the continuing challenge of the interpersonal.


The course is of four years' duration.  Each year consists of five residential weekends, one residential week, a monthly seminar and tutorials.

Trainees begin to see external clients at the end of the third year for which fortnightly supervision is provided.
Download the Course Brochure here.